Cheers To A Marketing Partnership: Burn ‘Em Brewing & Sera Group

Burn ‘Em Brewing strives to bring creativity from their team and include it in every beer that is brewed, ensuring that they provide the most unique beer in Northwest Indiana. From Ales to IPA’s, Burn ‘Em brews one-of-a-kind beers, all accompanied by their custom-illustrated labels.

The Challenge

Burn ‘Em is in the process of expanding their business across The Region, so they wanted to work with an agency that could help present their brand as they expand, and offer more support as they grow. They were looking for a new website as well as new photos and videos to showcase their company, team, and special brews.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

We provided Burn ‘Em with the website revamp that they needed to continue growing as a business and as a popular brewery in Northwest Indiana. By showing their products through visual imagery and showcasing that on their new, user-friendly website, our team was able to provide the support that their team needed to grow.

Professional Photography

With our professional photography equipment and skills, we were able to capture the essence of what makes Burn ‘Em unique. By showcasing each beer and label in a creative way, we can ensure that potential customers see what Burn ‘Em has to offer right away.

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