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Our creative team is highly skilled and committed to providing your business with quality branded content. We enable businesses to tell their story through creative marketing solutions forging a path towards success.

  • Increases your company’s credibility and trust

  • Consistent branding across all channels lets customers know exactly what to expect from you
  • Outdo your competitors with high-quality photos, videos, and custom branding instead of generic stock photos

Sera Group ranked #1 on Northwest Indiana Business Magazine in 2021, 2022 & 2023 for best ad agency and graphic & web design firm.

There’s a reason hundreds of Northwest Indiana business owners choose Sera Group for their marketing. Our team is here as a strategic partner dedicated to helping your business grow to its greatest potential.

Our Creative Branding Services

Brand Strategy

Developing a cohesive and effective brand strategy is essential in order to build solid relationships with customers, create an emotional connection with the brand, and stand out from competitors. Moreover, it serves as a roadmap for all of the company’s marketing efforts and campaigns, helping to ensure that all activities are aligned and support the overarching objectives.

Logo + Visual Identity Design

A good logo can be the difference between a successful company and one that fails to make an impact. It is essential for businesses to ensure that their logo accurately reflects their branding message, as it is often the first thing that customers notice when they come across a product or service. With a good logo, companies can create an instantly recognizable image that customers associate with the brand, allowing them to build trust and recognition quickly.

Photo + Video

High-quality photos and videos are essential for brands looking to stand out. It helps communicate their message, build brand awareness, and convey a strong sense of professionalism with just one glance. Quality visuals also help improve customer interaction, as they are more likely to engage with attractive images that capture their attention. Visuals can be used to showcase products or services, highlight features and benefits, or simply make the customer feel connected to the brand.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

The right message delivered in a tailored voice can go a long way in making an impact. By leveraging personalized messaging that speaks to individual customers or target audiences, your business can use its brand to tap into the power of storytelling and create meaningful connections with your consumers. This is why having the right brand voice is essential for any successful brand awareness campaign.

Check Out Some Of Our Brand Case Studies

By collaborating with our team, you can trust that your message will be crafted with your unique vision in mind. Our team is committed to developing a brand voice that resonates with your target audience and helps you communicate the meaning behind your mission. Check out some of the compelling and memorable brands we’ve created for other local organizations in Northwest Indiana.

Our Clients

We’ve worked with hundreds of Northwest Indiana businesses of various sizes and industries. Since 2014, we have built websites, brands, and marketing campaigns that have proven to be successful and help businesses grow.

Leeds Public House white logo
Onesource Distribution white logo
4411 Inn & Suites - white logo
Michiana Mechanical - white logo
AIM Water white logo
Indiana Small Business Development Center - white logo
Vibrant Communities white logo
Swanson Center white logo

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