Sera Group Takes Marketing Heights to Southwest Kansas: Partnership with MVP Roofing

Based in Southwest Kansas, MVP Roofing is the go-to destination for top-quality roofing services. They specialize in a range of roofing solutions for both residential and commercial needs, including installations, repairs, and replacements. With a reputation for commitment to excellence, MVP Roofing’s expert team ensures precise and reliable results for all clients seeking unparalleled skill and knowledge in the roofing industry.

The Challenge

Sera Group had a unique challenge when taking on MVP Roofing as a client, with them being located states away. Nevertheless, we were well-equipped for this challenge. MVP Roofing needed a complete digital makeover, including a new logo, branding, website design, and effective advertising on Google and Facebook. Their main goal was to create a strong and unified brand identity that resonated with their audience while boosting their online presence.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Sera Group strategically addressed the challenge by creating a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to MVP Roofing. Our team designed a modern logo, branding elements, website, and advertising campaigns through Google and Facebook, which ensures cohesiveness across visual identity and online engagement. Their new user-friendly website and carefully curated ads were aimed at elevating online visibility.

Impact of Comprehensive Brand Guides

The comprehensive brand guide developed by Sera Group has had a significant impact on MVP Roofing’s visual identity and overall brand. This guide serves as a reliable reference, ensuring consistent application of the newly designed branding across various platforms. A tangible example of this impact is evident in their eye-catching truck wrap that features that proudly displays the logo and branding. The guide not only facilitated the seamless integration of the branding onto the truck but also provided a blueprint for maintaining uniformity across all marketing materials. This attention to detail has not only elevated the professional image of MVP Roofing but has also reinforced brand recognition, making a lasting impression on their audience.

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