Introducing Our New Brand, Sera Group



June 28, 2021

Sera Group digital and creative marketing logo

Over the past five years, we have created quite the buzz around the name SERA Solutions. It has always been our mission to help businesses grow through collaborative and transparent marketing strategies. And now, more than ever, an online presence should be the main focal point of every business. In this post, we want to highlight why we rebranded and what that looks like as we continue to grow with our customers and our community.

Why did we rebrand?

Our motivation has always been fueled by quality, reliability, and innovation, and if you’re a long-time customer with us, then you may have heard those three words used frequently. While our old brand kept us professional and aligned, we needed something more grounding and relatable. So for us, the primary reasons to rebrand were:

  1. So we could continue to focus on our goal of helping businesses grow through collaborative and transparent marketing strategies, staying up to date with online approaches.
  2. To create a more visual identity that could support our services and what we offer as we grow.
  3. To ensure we could deliver a dependable and personalized experience no matter who we work with.

Staying focused on what matters

Helping businesses grow has always been the inspiration behind what we do, and at the core, doing just that comes down to a few things: collaboration, transparency, and trust. Luckily, we’re able to meet businesses of all different sizes, industries and dynamics. Together, we provide a one-of-a-kind, personalized experience with our clients. Our new brand will allow us to stay more focused than ever on helping our customers grow their business.

Creating a consistent identity

As we have grown, one of our goals was to form a consistent identity and brand that would help us reach our community and stick with them. Although our previous brand served us well for many years, we struggled to find ways to make it work across all media. It is important that our new brand will be used across new services,  provide business initiatives, and aid in marketing campaigns; which is why we decided it was a great time to reflect on what we really wanted Sera to encompass as a whole.

A new “S-era”

So this is our next chapter! You will start to notice a number of branding updates over the next several weeks. But this is just the beginning of the new Sera brand. We’re excited to see where this new journey will take us as we continue to evolve. We want to thank every customer for allowing us to grow, learn, and build on what we love to do. 

More exciting news is just around the corner but for now, all we can say is – Welcome to Sera Group!

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