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Generate more business and improve your online presence through Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM is done by directing organic traffic to your website using industry-leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO works great for many businesses, including eCommerce websites and local small businesses. Work with experts to meet your business objectives and grow your organic website traffic.

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Our SEO & SEM Process

Site Audit & Research

We analyze your current website using popular SEO tools to identify optimization opportunities to help you outrank your competitors.

SEO Updates & Management

Our search engine marketing experts implement the suggested website optimizations and regularly monitor changes to site rankings.

Reporting & Improvements

We report back to you to show you the progress on search rankings and our suggestions for future improvements.

Search Engine Solutions

Tags Optimization

Landing Pages

Product/Service Pages


Infographics and Video Content

Competitive Keyword Research

Keyword-rich Content

Technical SEO

Link Building

Professional Onpage/Onsite SEO

Content Marketing

SEO Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

User Behavior Data

Analytic Reporting


Competitor Research

SEO Aggregators

Frequently Asked SEM Questions

We continuously monitor campaign performance and industry trends, adjusting your strategies as needed. This includes optimizing your ad copy, adjusting bids, and exploring new keywords to keep your campaigns effective and competitive.


Absolutely! SEM is highly effective for local businesses looking to attract nearby customers. We can tailor your ads to appear when potential customers in your area search for relevant products or services, enhancing local visibility and attracting more foot traffic.

SEM and SEO are both key parts of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. While SEM provides immediate visibility and traffic through paid ads, SEO builds a long-term foundation for organic traffic. Together, they create a balanced approach, maximizing both short-term and long-term visibility and growth.

SEM can be customized to suit any type of business, whether B2B, B2C, nonprofit, or any other sector. It’s adaptable to different business sizes and budgets, making it a versatile tool for achieving your specific marketing goals.

We conduct thorough keyword research using advanced tools to find terms that your potential customers are searching for. This research considers factors like search volume, competition, and relevance to ensure we target keywords that will drive the best results for your campaigns.

Sera Group specializes in both search ads, which appear directly in search engine results, and display ads, which are visual and appear across various websites within the Google Display Network. We customize these ads based on your business objectives and target audience.

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