Case Study: Local Restaurant Marketing Partnership Supports Business Growth


October 11, 2023

leeds public house outdoor patio

Leeds Public House is a chic gastropub in downtown Michigan City that brings a modern and eclectic twist to the local restaurant scene. They focus on bringing people together, especially friends and family. While they are known for their locally-sourced ingredients, craft cocktails, local and imported wines, and cold beers on tap, they are also known for their hospitality and high-quality meals.

photo of michigan city restaurant bar
leeds public house outdoor patio
outdoor patio seating leeds public house

The Challenge

The team at Leeds came to us at their conception and was in need of everything it takes to make a recognizable brand prepared to grow – a logo, brand colors, signage, and a website. We have continued to grow our relationship through the years with food and drink photography, targeted advertising, billboards, and graphic design. Since partnering with Leeds, we have accomplished all tasks by creating a fully-developed brand guide, a user-friendly website, and several successful advertising campaigns, both digitally and not.

After developing their new website, we were able to really tailor it in a way that constantly improves the customer experience. We collected analytics and local data and in doing so, we were able to identify and expand into more marketing channels by combining our knowledge and data gathered.

The Goal

We had three main goals when we began working with the team at Leeds Public House:

  1. Design a brand identity that would be recognizable both locally in Michigan City and around Northwest Indiana
  2. Develop a website that functions as a guide for customers to navigate the menu and browse photos that accurately convey Leeds as a comfortable environment for people to gather
  3. Strategize and launch digital advertising campaigns that would increase brand awareness and restaurant visits.

Website Design & Modernized Branding

With the use of our brand guide and web design expertise, we developed a website that is completely optimized for user experience. We were able to do this by integrating online platforms like OpenTable to aid in restaurant staff convenience, upload menus for customer viewing, and increase website loading times to ensure that the website is optimized to the best of its ability. By using industry-leading SEO techniques, Leeds’ website is always at the top on all search engines.

Professional Food & Drink Photos

Our team of photographers was able to capture photos that showcase Leeds’ stand-out restaurant with outdoor patio seating, two separate bars, delicious food, and incredible cocktails.

meal and glass of wine from leeds public house
leeds public house cocktails
dish by leeds public house
cocktail from leeds public house

Graphic Design

With the use of our fully-developed brand guide, our team as well as the team at Leeds was able to meet the standards we set in terms of visual media. We helped create collateral such as menus, promotional materials, and social media graphics. We brought the idea of having a billboard to life by designing and creating a billboard to lead travelers across Northwest Indiana’s busiest highway (I-94) to Leeds to enjoy a specialty cocktail and delicious meal.

How Did We Do It?

With a project of this scale, it was important for our team to communicate not only with each other but with the team at Leeds. Some of the ways we were able to efficiently do this were:

  • Having our dedicated project manager who laid out all deliverables and strategically scheduled each task throughout the duration of the project
  • Utilizing a set plan that our team stuck to and having various platforms for the Leeds team to collaborate in real-time on different designs and tasks
  • The use of timetables to accurately track project completion and communication between our team and the team at Leeds

A Great Example of a Long-Term Marketing Partnership

Our team recognizes the responsibility and trust that an organization places with us to be their marketing agency. We take great pride in our work and look at each of our clients as long-term partners. Leeds Public House has been a great example of a local business that has developed a strategic and long-term partnership with Northwest Indiana’s leading marketing agency.

Our partnership with Leeds Public House continues to this day. While we are still proud of our initial website design, brand guide, and photography, we recognize the importance of continuous improvement and adapting to the current local market. By continuing our relationship over the years, we have been able to make sure that Leeds Public House stays at the top of minds as the place to gather in Michigan City.

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