Capturing La Porte’s Essence: A Creative Partnership Between Sera Group and the City

Surrounded by lakes and walkable historic downtown, La Porte is the best-kept secret in Indiana. The City of La Porte is a community dedicated to outdoor recreation while fostering a vibrant downtown for businesses and remote workers. Their main goals include connecting downtown, NewPorte Landing, and all neighborhoods to a beautiful trail system that traverses lakes and parks. The vision for La Porte’s healthy recreation initiatives, innovative business development, and year-round, bucket-list events continue to grow for the benefit of our growing community and visitors.

The Challenge

When the City of La Porte approached Sera Group, they needed to showcase their vibrant community better. La Porte, surrounded by scenic lakes and featuring a walkable downtown, wanted to become a top destination for outdoor fun and business. The task was to capture La Porte’s essence through professional photography and videography. Our goal was to highlight the city’s charm, outdoor activities, and business potential, making La Porte a top choice for residents and visitors. The benefits were clear: a more appealing portrayal of La Porte’s unique appeal, increased community engagement, and La Porte’s establishment as an attractive destination in Indiana.

Professional Photography

Explore our gallery of impactful images skillfully captured by our photography team. Our gallery includes photographs featuring Downtown La Porte, Newporte Landing, the scenic Chessie Trail, and a range of events, including Friday Night Live. High-quality photography plays a vital role in effective marketing, creating a lasting impression, and attracting attention.

Professional Video Production

Capturing the essence of the City of La Porte through professional videography was a meaningful project for Sera Group. Our videos aimed to showcase La Porte’s beauty, energy, and unique spirit. We wanted to share the story of this vibrant city, including its scenic landscapes, walkable downtown, and lively community events. Our videos also highlighted La Porte’s commitment to outdoor recreation, innovative business development, and year-round activities. Through our work, we created a lasting impression, allowing people to experience La Porte’s charm. These videos have played a vital role in promoting the city, attracting visitors and businesses, and contributing to La Porte’s reputation as an inviting destination.

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