Powering America NWI Electrifies Their Brand With Sera Group

Powering America: NWI guides homeowners, business owners, and construction professionals to the perfect electrician that best suits their electric needs across all of Northwest Indiana. They provide contractors with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the industry through extensive training and apprenticeships. By providing the right people with the right electrician, Powering America: NWI ensures that Northwest Indiana’s residents have reliable power and electricity whenever they need it.

The Challenge

Powering America: NWI came to us looking to start from scratch with everything – a new website, online advertising, and more. Their goal was to raise awareness of their brand, their company, their mission, and their services so they could guide home and business owners to the right contractor that is best suited for the job that they need to be completed.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

By understanding the specific needs of Powering America: NWI, we delivered targeted solutions to boost their brand awareness and online presence. We optimized their website for top search engine visibility, ensuring potential customers easily discover them. Additionally, we launched effective advertising campaigns that guide homeowners and businesses to the right contractor, solidifying Powering America: NWI as a trusted resource for years to come.


Full Marketing Strategy & Online Advertising

Sera Group crafted a tailored Google Ads strategy for Powering America: NWI that puts their brand front and center whenever potential customers search for electricians in the region. Powering America is now the leader of relevant Google searches, turning online queries into satisfied customers.

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