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April 7, 2023

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The 2023 Northwest Indiana Business Awards have announced Sera Group as an award-winning digital marketing and web design agency, now voted the best in Northwest Indiana three years in a row. Our team is highly skilled in digital and creative marketing and specializes in custom services from website design to graphic design, data-driven marketing, social media content creation, advertising, photography, video production, and more. We are proud to be recognized for our industry-leading services and can not thank our community enough for voting for Sera Group.

Why Our Clients Choose Sera Group

Our clients choose us because Sera Group is not transactional, we care about delivering quality, reliability, and innovation. Our process begins by listening to a client’s needs and vision, then we deliver results by utilizing technology and our expertise to exceed expectations. Sera Group values transparency and integrity throughout our entire process, and we collaborate with our clients to provide real solutions. Data drives our decisions leading to optimal results proven by campaign or eCommerce tracking, search engine optimization, site audits, data analytics, and 24/7 managed website monitoring. When you work with Sera Group, multiple members of our team become experts in your goals, ensuring your success and an overall improved web presence. As a company with a proven record in online marketing, our team knows how to provide superior results and our philosophy does not allow compromising these standards. Our team cares about local businesses because we are one. We believe that being a strategic partner with other local businesses in our community offers the benefits and quality of a large advertising agency while providing the passion of a local partnership giving clients the attention, reliability, and local knowledge they deserve.

Our Team is Built with Innovation and Problem-Solving at Its Core

2022 was a challenging year for all businesses. As a marketing agency with a diverse portfolio of clients across many industries, we faced the challenge of reacting quickly to economic uncertainty, inflation, and supply chain shortages for our customers. Existing marketing budgets, techniques, and projections were remolded following uncertainties that many small businesses and their customers felt. Our team pivoted and learned what made the most sense for each of our clients and their customers through any adversities. We refused to accept inaction or declining performance as an expected outcome and utilized data to track success. The last several years have been nothing short of volatile and our team has embraced the uncertainty with tenacity. Sera Group is dedicated to providing results clients can be confident and proud of, despite any circumstances and industry impacts.

The Expansion and Enhancement of Our Quality Services

The most rewarding opportunity in 2022 has been the expansion and enhancement of Sera Group’s services. Our team is passionate about innovating technology for our clients and began offering a full suite of services needed. Sera Group has always created leading websites yielding data-proven results, so when a local business lacked a well-rounded logo and brand, creative services were then explored and offered including our recently introduced in-house graphic design. Whether a company needs to tell its story through our creative marketing solutions or desires ranking at the top of online searches to grow organic traffic, Sera Group strategically develops the branding and marketing process to fit the needs of any organization.

What Being An Award-Winning Digital Marketing And Web Design Agency Means To Us

Sera Group’s blend of industry-leading techniques and high-quality services gives clients best-in-class finished products. All of our services go through a rigorous testing and quality control phase to ensure optimization on every device and platform. Our award-winning title means that we have not only proven to be a quality and innovative agency for our clients, but this is our opportunity to be an even better partner for local businesses by continuing to develop and grow our services, team, expertise, and solutions.

Our Goals Moving Forward

The goal for Sera Group is growth. Our belief is to provide personal attention to businesses of all sizes with detailed, involved, and intimate interaction fueled by our dedicated team of passionate and talented practitioners. As we see the landscape stabilizing, we know that we have many more businesses across Northwest Indiana that could benefit from a quality, local, and strategic marketing partner like Sera Group. As we strive for continuous improvement, we are confident in our team, services, and systems in place to grow ourselves and Northwest Indiana businesses in 2023.

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