Why Updating Your Website Is a Smart Investment in 2021


July 9, 2021

Man updating his business website

A customer visits your business. How do you nail that first impression? Dress to impress? Greet them with a smile? Give a firm handshake?

You are the face of the business. And you aim to earn your customer’s respect.

Now think about your website.

Did you just grimace? Then maybe it’s time to update your website. After all, in many cases, your website is a customer’s first impression. So what is your website akin to? Your tailored business suit? Or your Sunday loungewear?

Let’s address several reasons you want to update your website in 2021 and why website design is a smart investment.

How Updating Your Website Creates New Ways to Engage Your Customers

2020 was unprecedented. The pandemic transformed a growing buying trend into the new normal. That is, sales shifted from brick-and-mortar to online shopping. How does a modern website take advantage?

1. It Attracts the Increasing Number of Digital Consumers

Every day, millions of customers enjoy the convenience of online shopping and online booking. Updating your website grants you access to these powerful selling tools.

E-commerce. Online bill pay. Paid live streams. Your new website can incorporate these tools to generate leads and sales. In 2021, E-commerce is expected to reach $5 trillion in worldwide sales. And you want a cut.

2. It Reinforces How Customers Already Find You

Mobile phones account for nearly 50% of all web traffic. It’s 2021. Your website must be mobile-friendly. Mobile makes it even easier for your customers to reach you.

With the tap of a finger, the phone number on your website connects a customer to your business. With another tap, your street address directs them to your doorstep.

It’s consumer-friendly. It’s intuitive. And it’s a must for business. 39% of US consumers reported increased usage of their mobile phones in 2020. Use this trend to your benefit.

We should also mention, Google loves new content. New pages with fresh content receive higher scores from Google. And in turn, Google positions these pages higher in search results. Refreshing your website content makes it search engine optimized (SEO).

Why Updated Websites Aren’t An Expense –– They’re an Investment

Think about it. Would you take out a costly magazine ad and be content with earning zero return from it? You don’t have to respond. We already know your answer.

Plan for your new website to pay off, because…

1. It’s a Long-Term Venture

Like any other advertising method, you should position your website to generate leads, resulting in more sales.

The good news is a modern website has a longevity of nearly three years. In that time, an optimized website with regularly updated content can provide business earnings well above the website cost. The more return you see on investment, the more longevity your website has. Even when your website hits the three-year mark, you can utilize the strengths of your current website when redesigning, saving both time and money. Investing in a website provides a reliable return on investment and becomes easier to improve over time with data analytics

2. It’s the Foundation of Growth

Your website’s journey should follow a similar path as your business. Your business grows and adapts, and so should your website.

Expanding services? Add a new webpage. Selling new products? Add an e-commerce store. Delivering exemplary work to clients? Add a portfolio page. If your competitors are regularly refreshing their website and you’re not, you’re telling search engines to drive web traffic to them, not to you.

Ok. You’re convinced. You grasp the purposes of updating your website in 2021, where do you begin?

When to Have An Agency Update Your Website

Over the years, website building tools have become more user-friendly. Meaning even the greenest developers can design a usable website for quick and simple needs. Builders like Squarespace and Wix have radically transformed the landscape of web design.

But there are cases when DIY isn’t the best choice. Like…

1. When Your Time is Better Suited Elsewhere

You’re a business owner. You have clients to please. Employees to manage. Bills to pay. Can you afford the time to update your website? Can your business afford the time? If running your business is the best use of yours, then you already know the answer to whether you should try building your own website.

Hire a professional agency. There are many components involved in a professionally designed and developed website that you probably do not know about. From security to page load times and search engine optimization, leave it to the experts.

2. When You Need Dependability

Your faucet is leaking. With some determination and elbow grease, you’ll have that fixed in no time. However, if your water heater is leaking, it’s probably time to call the plumber.

The same applies to your website. Who will fix it if a page has errors? Or worse––who will fix it if the whole site crashes? Repairing a website can be intimidating. And in some cases, outright stressful. 

Thankfully, agencies offer years of applied knowledge––delivering proven solutions that save you time and stress. And many even offer website monitoring and maintenance.

Investing in an updated website from a reputable digital marketing agency will quickly lead to more sales and fewer headaches.

3. When You Need Quality

Be honest, do you understand how to create the ideal user experience through web design? Probably not, but if you want to convert your visitor to a customer, understanding the user experience is essential.

Professional agencies specialize in user experience (UX). Designing your website layout. Producing stunning photo and video. Writing compelling copy. These are pillars of a reliable agency. Especially ones that have your business interests in mind.

Where do you start?

With a conversation. If you’re inspired to update your website in 2021, let’s talk. We have built websites and marketing strategies for hundreds of businesses and non-profits across Northwest Indiana and the United States in nearly every industry. 

Contact us today for a free consultation, and experience how our tools can optimize your website and help grow your business this year.

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